Mar. 24th, 2012

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I've been trying out DC Universe Online for the past week. I've been having a lot of fun with the heroes, but decided to play a villain. (I even sprung for the points to buy the 'light power' set so I could be a member of the Sinestro Corp -- the major foes of the Green Lanterns.) I think my normal day to day operation is probably much closer to the hero side; help people out when I can, don't cause problems without a reason, etc., but there's something very amusing about playing a bad guy, especially when I'm playing as an alien with a bent for chaos.

I've been purposefully taking time out of my missions to cause traffic accidents. This has absolutely no in-game benefit, but I've gotten to where I know how to cascade about eight cars into a huge string of crashes, fires, explosions, and even running over pedestrians. (Although the cars do not actually harm the peds, even when said car explodes while it's intersecting them.)

Some of the missions are the same ones as the ones you come across when you're a hero, but with different stated goals. (Save the things that those invaders are stealing, but as resources for Lex Luthor instead of as medical supplies, etc.) I had a particular laugh, and an acknowledgment to myself that I do role play even these kinds of games with one of these missions. I was supposed to be 'rescuing' people trapped by Braniac's robot invaders - the goal as a hero was to save the people, the goal as a villain is to save the 'Exobites' - a game world concept / resource that happened to be in the people. The people are trapped in an orange force-bubble; you pick them up and transport them to the rescue spot. I'd just picked up one when I was attacked by a robot. When this happened as a hero, I immediately rushed the person to safety, thinking to keep them out of harm's way. As a villain, I instead turned and threw the force-field encased human at the attacking robot, resulting in a robot almost completely destroyed and the bubble person bouncing away like a super-ball (no pun intended.)

You can guess what I spent the rest of the fight there doing, although I did rescue my quota!

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