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It followed me home. We're still determining if we can keep it or not.

It's a 2005 Hyundai Sonata GLS Sedan. It's clean, it runs really well, gets acceptable MPG, and the payments ... well, they won't be crippling, at least. I'm still going to have my mechanic, Pete, take a look at it on Monday. We've accepted it on test; the dealership can work with the numbers we gave to them for payments and if everything checks out, we will sign the papers on Monday afternoon. I'll be transferring my plates from the Saturn, so I can remain "BIGWOOF."

We looked at two other vehicles today -- the first one being an absolute piece of crap. This included a very obvious need for a tune up, a noise indicating serious brake problems, rust on several engine parts, and a driver's side door which completely lacked a handle inside or out. (I had to crawl over the center console to get behind the wheel.) Why would any dealer actually show a car in such terrible condition? Except possibly because it made the next vehicle look positively glowing by comparison. It still had problems, but mostly fairly minor ones except for the 'check engine' light which obviously doesn't say what's wrong except that something needs to be checked out. Of course neither these problems nor the problems on the first vehicle really seemed to faze the salesperson. He seemed rather uninterested in the whole process and while we didn't really get a bad feeling from the dealership, we really didn't get a good one either. I don't believe they were actively trying to rip us off, but I certainly wouldn't put it past them.

The final stop, the one from where the Sonata came home with us, was Honda of Kenosha. [ profile] bookwurm has had her Honda Civic Hybrid for several years now and we've had a good overall experience with this dealership, even if they weren't the ones that actually sold her the car in the first place. We came away with a good feeling -- much better than that we got from the other dealership -- and felt pretty happy with both the car and the terms of the deal.

More and better pictures when it's not dark outside!
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