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I'm doing my homework for my CS240 - Software Development Lifecycle class. The unit is essentially project management lite, including topics such as risk management. I stick by my answers, but I may be bringing a bit too much real world experience into this!

(Game2D is a case study example we've been using in the book. It's an extremely simple two-player game.)


Names sources of human risk for Game2D.

Development Team

  • Productivity—team members may spend too much time playing “City of Heroes” instead of coding the project modules.

  • Experience—the vast complexity of Game2D may simply overwhelm the poor young developers.

  • Dedication—the development team may decide they’re wasting their coding talents on this game and go off to form their own software company.

End Users

  • Technical knowledge—the overwhelmingly complex game play may cause some users to disconnect their computers completely and take refuge in their basement bunkers.

  • Support for project—conversely, the potential users may just not care one whit for the game and it may languish unplayed until “Bob’s Farmville Clone” needs more server space.

Date: 2011-11-10 02:58 pm (UTC)
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This post needs a warning! I almost spit water all over my laptop!

I will miss you this weekend. Wish you could make it down for at least dinner...
Love you!

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