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This is an expansion on a post I made in my Google+ account. This post includes links to all site listed in my original post, but another one I'm considering.

I'm searching for a better online MP3 purchase experience. Amazon has been rubbing me the wrong way with their restriction on downloads for sometime now (short version: install their download manager or be forced to download your tracks one at a time), but now they've set it up such that all of your purchases go to your 'cloud player.' This means you not only have to download one song at a time if you don't want to install their software, but you have to say each and every time that you don't want to install their software.

Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks.

I've already been trying to purchase directly from the artists when possible, or from other sources if not, but I guess I'm going to need more sources. I'm already using CDBaby and sometimes BandCamp, but what other sites out there do people use? (Please note that I wish to own my music, so while sites like Rhapsody are interesting, they don't really meet my needs. Also: no &$#*ing iTunes.)

Added: I'm also considering using eMusic. There's a monthly membership fee, but your fee grants you equal credit for purchases from their collection. (The trick, of course, is that the fee does not roll over. If you forget to buy anything for a month, you've lost that credit.) The prices seem pretty decent and they've got a lot of music I like, and the fee structure isn't bad. At an average cost of $6 per album, the $12 basic membership gives me two new albums a month ... which currently costs me around $20. Still, I'm wary for problems: If anyone has any experience with them, I'd love to hear about it.
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All of the items on the order I placed yesterday are listed as "In Stock" so why are you listing a potential ship date of 15-MAY-2008? Get it in gear! I want my Kids in the Hall and Mel Brooks damnit!
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So I cashed in those reward points for two $100 Amazon gift certificates ... which apprently they're going to mail to me. They informed me of this via email.

Am I the only one that sees the stupidity in this?

OK, I shouldn't complain about getting a heck of a good shopping spree on Amazon, but really people. Get with the 20th century! (And maybe one day join the rest of us in the 21st.)

NOTE: Yeah, the previous version of this post was an accident. I intended to cancel it out and start again from home, but it looks like I didn't do that so I'll just post it now. Oops.

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