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I was having trouble getting an online game to connect to its server tonight. I asked [ profile] bookwurm if she was having any speed issues and she confirmed that there did seem to be some lag time in loading pages. I pulled up some Internet tools, did a speed and ping test off a server about 60 miles away and got great results. Swapping to other servers in the US got slightly slower, but still good results. I switched for a server in Nuremberg, Germany and finally got a download speed of 3.2 Mbps and a ping of 128 seconds. (By this point I had very clearly lost interest in connecting to the game and was having a great time speed testing ...)

"That's pretty slow," I said, as I started to say something about the ping taking nearly four times as long. That's when I trailed off as I realized that it's still barely 1/100th of a second for a round-trip communication with Germany. I think I muttered something about packet loss, but actually that was measuring at 0 out of 250 data packets lost.

The worst part is that I actually did start my time on the net with dial up and a 2400 baud modem. (Which was just coming out as the top of the line standard when I got it ...)

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At least this weekend, I'll be playing on Pinnacle. That seems to be where my most played characters live at least. My universal chat handle is (surprise) "Awfulhorrid" so feel free to ping me. I might even be able to figure out how to respond!

I spent some time today poking around and seeing what characters I have scattered around. I could remember my main character of Guye Fawkes, of course, but I'd forgotten some of the others: Tanstaafl (android or battlesuit? No one knows for sure), Nail Hazard the Spike-throwing scrapper, and several characters off on one server that I won't ever log in again, but I just can't bring myself to delete. (BondageBoy, The Magic Fluffer, and Rawhide Chew ...)

I played with the new costume options with several of my characters. I may as well, they each have 15 - 30 free costume redesigns! I really like some of the options, particularly the ability to tune the colors of at least some of the powers. I had to scrap all of my keybindings since I couldn't remember how to use ... well, much of anything. My highest level character, Guye Fawkes, just has too many powers available for me to remember how to use them all right now. I'm starting small: I have a low level hero, Small Big Bob and a low level villain, Baneful von Baneful. I'll play each of these guys for a while until I remember more about just what the heck I'm doing!
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I let my City of Heroes account expire several years ago -- quite a while before I moved from Kenosha to Bristol, actually. Of course I'm still on the email list to get notices of updates and special offers and the like. Sometimes you get notices like the current one where they're having a "Play During the Free Reactivation Weekend" offer ... which means for a few days I can play for free, return to the game, see the changes, etc. Heck, it's free so it's not a bad deal even if I only play for a few hours, right?

Of course there's the little matter of reactivating my account. First of all, what was the name of the account again? I made a guess at it and tried the 'reset password' option, but kept getting an error. Eventually I started an email conversation with tech support where I had to provide everything but a blood sample to verify my identity. There were quite a few items of information that I no longer have access to due to changes in my life or the fact that I don't have archives of five year old email. Honestly, I've had less trouble convincing my bank of my identity and right to access an account! In the end it turns out that one of the key pieces of identity -- my date of birth -- was wrong in their system. Really, I promise you that I've only got the one date of birth and it hasn't changed in the last five years. How many other bits of identity do you need? Luckily I convinced the support dude that I really am the original owner of the account and he issued a password reset so I was able to login and update the information.

Friday I get to see if I can actually access the game itself. I remember the last time I tried it out I couldn't remember half of how the powers worked, so I think I'll just start a new character to play around a bit. I seriously doubt that I'll reactivate my account (can't really afford it right now, for one thing), but this is particularly good timing since [ profile] bookwurm and I are planning this as a 'recovery' weekend. Yay for mindless comic violence!

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