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... or at least the webcomics. Apparently I provided an idea for a comic.

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I've been keeping these links in my incoming RSS feed folder for a while. Since the oldest is from back in October, I guess I should post them eventually! These are one-shot comics with no continuity or continuing characters to worry about.

First there are these two from Partially Clips by Rob Balder.

Death and Pet
Seagulls at Sunset

I particularly like Death and Pet since Halloween is derived at least in part from my holiday of Samhain, but both of these comics are philosophically interesting to me. Partially Clips doesn't update very often, but it's worth subscribing to the RSS feed for ones like these.

Then there's these from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It took a while for SMBC to get me, but it grew on me ... rather like a fungus, actually.

Scientific Parents
Santa video - NSFW ... the comic is somewhat funny, but I'm posting this link for the video, in particularly in light of something [ profile] custardfairy had posted a few days earlier. That'll all I'm saying.
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Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with some guys. If you're going to wear a utilikilt then don't run away when some lass comes up to you with a leafblower!

And lass? You don't need the leafblower, you just have to ask!
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Er ... or something like that!

We're getting a large number of packages, many of them from Amazon. (At this point I think Amazon employees may start naming children after me.) So it wasn't a particular suprise when I received two Amazon packages addressed to me on Wednesday. The first was an expected present for a friend, ok, mark receipt of package off my list and put it on the pile To Be Wrapped.

I opened the second and noticed that it was already wrapped. "Oh great," I though, "they sent one of the packages that was supposed to be shipped directly to the recipient to me instead!" Then I looked at the card ... no, this one was actually for me.

Now my biggest joy this year is actually being able to give more easily, but that doesn't mean I wasn't delighted that Rileybear67 sent me a copy of I'm Just Here for the Food: Version 2.0! Woohoo!

Oh, while I promise I won't become a fundamentalist I will certainly be happy to cook for you!

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