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Yay for visiting with sweeties! )
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Attention Google maps: When I search for "Mexican" restaurants, do NOT show me "Taco Bell!"

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Valentine's day isn't an obligation to me, it's an excuse. I've certainly had years where I couldn't afford to do much of anything with my sweeties and a card was pretty much it for anyone. I'm happy that I was able to do more this year and I hope that everyone was happy with my gifts of affection. [ profile] bookwurm and I went out to a very nice Japanese restaurant (Yuri of Japan ... I can't find a website, oddly enough) and had a great time. I can see an outing of various people there sometime in the future!

Tomorrow: We're both off of work so we get to sleep late! Yay!
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Er ... or something like that!

We're getting a large number of packages, many of them from Amazon. (At this point I think Amazon employees may start naming children after me.) So it wasn't a particular suprise when I received two Amazon packages addressed to me on Wednesday. The first was an expected present for a friend, ok, mark receipt of package off my list and put it on the pile To Be Wrapped.

I opened the second and noticed that it was already wrapped. "Oh great," I though, "they sent one of the packages that was supposed to be shipped directly to the recipient to me instead!" Then I looked at the card ... no, this one was actually for me.

Now my biggest joy this year is actually being able to give more easily, but that doesn't mean I wasn't delighted that Rileybear67 sent me a copy of I'm Just Here for the Food: Version 2.0! Woohoo!

Oh, while I promise I won't become a fundamentalist I will certainly be happy to cook for you!

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