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I currently have two invitations for Glitch. I've already sent out invites to my two sweeties - even if one has yet to join - who I think most likely to get into this odd little world. (Fran says she'll pass no matter how much I try to entice her with massaging butterflies or squeezing chickens.) Would anyone like an invite?

(Honestly I'll probably get more later and it won't stay in Beta forever. From what I'm reading, they actually reverted to Beta after they opened up to the public!)
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I'm investigating alternatives to cable television.

I've already re-activated my NetFlix account (on a free trial for the next month) and I'm pretty happy with what I'm finding there in the streaming video selections. Unfortunately, it's not everything I want to see -- for one thing, I'm not really seeing current seasons of shows in the streaming offerings.

Enter Hulu - Plus. I see it *does* offer many of the current season shows for which I'm looking, so that's a bonus. There are still a few things missing, but nothing that I can't wait until it's offered on DVD (and thus available on NetFlix.) I've only used Hulu a little bit, and even then only the basic model. I'd love to hear from anyone who's used it to any great extent.

My prime motivation is simple economics. Our current cable package just went up to $139.04 per month. Dumping the cable television portion drops that back down to $46.43. NetFlix and Hulu Plus each run about $8. If we add in the DVD option to NetFlix to cover the missing few items, that's another $8. Total: ~ $70. Heck, for that price difference, I might even be convinced to upgrade my cable speed!

Still, I'm looking for feedback on this. Has anyone had experience with these options? The only thing I watch semi-regularly that I know I'd be missing would be Countdown with Keith Olberman, but I know that there are other shows that come up at random that I'd likely miss.
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I've been learning a bit of JavaScript and playing around with CSS. (No, the class on JavaScript hasn't actually started yet, but reading the textbook it looks like I'm already past what we'll learn. Oh well.) At least part of it was the fact that I had an unused Tripod account sitting out there. Now I know Tripod is barely a step up from Geocities, but it is free hosting and it'll do just fine for my purposes. (I just wish they'd let me run PHP!)

So, for absolutely no reason at all, here's The Glorious Predictions. Note: content changes daily, CSS changes four times a day. I'm still making some minor changes and will probably extend some of the JavaScript code in the background a bit more, but I think it's ready to trot out for display.

Two final warnings: first, you'll need your JavaScript on for the page to operate. You'll get a warning message if it's not, which you might see flash by when it first loads. Secondly, if you visit the page with any flavor of Internet Explorer, you'll get a slightly less politely worded message and a suggestion to use a better browser - complete with a few suggestions.
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I've been keeping these links in my incoming RSS feed folder for a while. Since the oldest is from back in October, I guess I should post them eventually! These are one-shot comics with no continuity or continuing characters to worry about.

First there are these two from Partially Clips by Rob Balder.

Death and Pet
Seagulls at Sunset

I particularly like Death and Pet since Halloween is derived at least in part from my holiday of Samhain, but both of these comics are philosophically interesting to me. Partially Clips doesn't update very often, but it's worth subscribing to the RSS feed for ones like these.

Then there's these from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It took a while for SMBC to get me, but it grew on me ... rather like a fungus, actually.

Scientific Parents
Santa video - NSFW ... the comic is somewhat funny, but I'm posting this link for the video, in particularly in light of something [ profile] custardfairy had posted a few days earlier. That'll all I'm saying.
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[ profile] isolde_deely asked me yesterday if I'm playing any new online games lately. This reminded me that I've been meaning to mention two new ones and update my COH information here.

I really don't need to promote City of Heroes. Either you already know about it and play or you're probably not interested in it. (Or you've moved over to the new Champions Online game.) I'm paying for my City gaming one month at a time: no automatic renewal for me this time! This way if I don't have enough time to play during a given month, I don't feel like I'm wasting my subscription fee. I'm on the Pinnacle server and have the global name of (you guessed it) awfulhorrid.

Two new time sinks game sites that have been taking my time lately ...

I've seen Star Pirates advertised on several of the comic sites I read, including Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary. It's a text based browser game about ... well, Pirates in Space. Realism? Um. I mentioned Pirates in Space, right? There's trading, raiding, and lots of searching through debris. It's about as far from a twitch game as you can get. I'll bet you can guess my name there too!

The second game site collects several flash based games into one easy to find location: MochiGames. I've been absorbed with Bloons Tower Defense 4, a very silly 'tower defense' game involving monkeys, balloons, and lots of sharp, flaming, or exploding objects. Here's my profile, although I notice it's not really updated in real time.

These last two are free to play, but you can throw money at the site and get various benefits in return. I think I like this system. The players who can afford to give them money aren't getting such a huge benefit that they dominate the game, but they do get some incentive to 'tip' the developers.

OK, play time is over ... time for me to get back to work. (Er ... at least working on this project so I can finish it and get paid, anyway!)
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I really shouldn't drive while "Pump Up The Volume" by M/A/R/R/S is playing. Luckily I realized how fast I was going on the little side road in the Wisconsin country side and slowed from my 68 in a 50 before I got into trouble! (There's a reason I used it as one of my "fighting songs" back when I was playing World of Warcraft.)

So speaking of music, there's something I've been meaning to share lately. I found an internet radio website that has a lot of stuff that I like. You select a list of artists (from what they have available, of course) and let it go. It'll play songs from the list of artists, eventually weighted by your ranking of songs should you rate the individual tracks. Now they certainly don't have the variety that I have in my collection at home so they don't have Tom Smith, The Four Postmen, or Sudden Death, but they do have artists like Richard Cheese and Jonathan Coulton. That was enough to get my attention right away! I like random play from a large selection because it amuses me greatly when I get a transition from say Johnny Horton to Cypress Hill. With that in mind, I've been adding everything to a single "station" that can be found here.

Come by and see to what I'm listening!

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