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I am writing a thesis for my Composition I class with a topic of "Families in Contemporary Society." My working thesis statement is fairly simple: "Traditional marriage does not fit the needs of all potential relationships in contemporary society." I'm considering aspects of same gender relationships and polyamorous ones, but I'm also looking at problems faced by people who just plain don't want to be married for whatever reason. Odd that I should run into one of these myself yesterday.

I've been meaning to list [ profile] bookwurm as my Medical Power of Attorney for quite some time now and the research I've been doing for my paper reminded me of this. When I was asked about filing some advance directive paperwork during my last VA visit, I took it as a sign and set an appointment. I thought I might have trouble with the social worker when filing the paperwork since I put "significant other" as my relationship with both my primary and secondary designated MPoA, but honestly she didn't even raise an eyebrow. Ten minutes after I walked into the office, I had everything signed, filed, and witnessed without a hitch. We briefly discussed my plan of distributing my living will directives to my family of choice, which she thought to be a sound plan. She made the additional suggestion that I list a secondary emergency contact with the front desk.

That, of course, is where I encountered the problem. I've dealt with one of the receptionists before--she's one of the reasons I decided it was a good idea to list a MPoA. I was happy to see that she was busy so I'd be talking with one of the other ones, but of course as I start giving him my information to add a second emergency contact, the first one comes over and tries to start the same old song and dance about how my emergency contact needs to be a blood relative. I don't even let her finish the sentence. "Yes, I can list her as my emergency contact. She's also my power of attorney." The one taking the information waved off the other one, apparently not wanting to be in the middle of the argument.

So let me get this straight: I can list my girlfriend (significant other) as my medical power of attorney without the least bit of resistance, but you'll try to keep me from making her my emergency contact? WTF? My 'blood relatives' don't even live in the same time zone as I do, nor would I trust them to respect my wishes about life support equipment. I can understand suggesting that the emergency contact being such a relative, but when I say "thank you for the suggestion, but this is my emergency contact" them you just need to back off.

I can only imagine trying to list a same gender partner. I'm quite sure they don't have a form for that!
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With a snowstorm hitting the area pretty hard, we were discussing the road conditions. This can be particularly important since I need to drive [ profile] tarrestrial home. Luckily most of the drive is along the Interstate and that's usually pretty good. We were wondering if we should leave early or around our usual time. We finally decided that if we wait a bit, the odds are better that the roads would be plowed and possibly even the salt trucks would have been out. I then suggested that perhaps even the "pepper" trucks would have been out, just to add a little extra flavor to the streets. [ profile] tarrestrial and [ profile] bookwurm then bit me for some reason. After that, [ profile] tarrestrial went on to observe that the trucks could even have little signs with "Season(ings) Greetings!" on them.

Yes, we then bit her too.

Now we're just waiting for a good excuse to bite [ profile] bookwurm.
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Hey, I said I'd post about this, didn't I? I got home on Saturday; how did it get to be Thursday Friday the next week already? It's also apparent that Spring has finally kicked in, but I'm sure not complaining about that.

As I said, [ profile] tarrestrial and I took a trip to New Orleans with some of her family. As we rode in the back of her Dad's SUV across the approximately 922 miles between her house and the Quarter House (the resort where we stayed) it really struck me that we need teleporters, a fact I've mentioned elsewhere in my LJ, I'm sure. That and the fact that I really don't feel welcomed in either Mississippi nor most of Missouri and would just as soon not spend any money or time there as a result.

After 16 hours in the car, not counting rest stops, food, or the overnight in a hotel, we arrived in New Orleans!

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Yeah, yeah, I know DucKon was almost a month ago, but I've been busy!

I've been going to DucKon for a long time and I've attended the Klingon Love Poetry with Heavy Objects at least a few times over the years, but I've so far been able to avoid participating. This year I was finally forced convinced to join in on the fun. For those unfamiliar with the concept behind Klingon Love Poetry, the idea is simple: "He recites; she hurls heavy objects and He Ducks!" (From one of the numerous DucKon program books I've got around here.)

Of course it gets more difficult when you're polyamorous and there are two people throwing 'heavy objects' (stuffed animals) at you. Thank goodness the Klingon Ambassador wouldn't let [ profile] tarrestrial simply tie me in place or order me to stand still. I at least had the illusion of a chance ... although with both [ profile] bookwurm and [ profile] tarrestrial throwing things at me, I got hit quite a lot. Hee.

I'll most likely participate again next year -- hopefully with more of my sweeties there to throw things. Yes, I really am a masochist, apparently. This will also give me a lot more time to write some appropriate poetry. What I recited at the event was written in about five minutes.

Resemblance to actual poetry purely coincidental )
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Yay for visiting with sweeties! )
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I've posted about our sandwich notes before. I had to share the two I've received so far this week. (Yes, I'm aware this is my second posting in the same day, please try not to faint!)

Look under the roast beef and cheese ... )
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This is just an 'official' announcement that [ profile] tarrestrial are sweeties. There's really not much to add right now and I know that everyone kind of figured this one out ... probably before we did. That's all for now!
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It is obvious to me that I'm insane, why else would I go out with another person and potential sweetie? Well, [ profile] tarrestrial is very hard to resist, for one thing! She's a cute geek girl that hits a lot of my buttons. (OK, all of my sweeties are cute geeks that hit a lot of my buttons, although gender does vary a bit!) We met last June at a local coffee meet and as it turns out found each other rather interesting. We didn't connect directly then, which is probably a good thing really, but did start some mild flirting via LJ. Last weekend I invited her to our little game day gathering and ... well, things really clicked for both of us.

We've been talking all week via IM and email and yesterday we went out on our first date. Yeah, this is a very good match. I haven't officially asked her to be a sweetie yet, but I'm having a difficult time imagining that we're not going to go there.

Of course this is going to require a bit of time management and our usual lots of communication and misunderstandings are very likely to occur here and there -- that's unavoidable. To my sweeties: I'm sorry when this occurs and just ask that you talk to me first before making assumptions. I may gush about this NRE a bit, but you all know that I still love you very much. (Concerning NRE: I notice that after almost five years together, Fran and I still manage to be very disgustingly cute and snuggly together, often causing the cats to turn away or random strangers to tell us that we're having entirely too much fun grocery shopping.)
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I should really try harder to write this things sooner after the events! Anyway ...

In mid-October, I visited with my lovely sweetie, [ profile] isolde_deely for about a week. The short version is driving, food, visiting, gaming, camping, and more driving.

The Long Version ... )
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I'm on the way home after visiting [ profile] isolde_deely for a week. (Details to follow.) Currently I'm stopped for lunch at a truck stop in Seymour, Indiana. The internet connection here sucks!

Time to get on the road again. At least I've got a lot of cool podcasts to which I can listen!
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I'm sufficiently recovered from DucKon to try and put words to screen, at least. I'll start out with saying that I must have had a good time since I not only didn't run away screaming once it was all over, but I've actively been writing up panel ideas for next year as well as already contacting some panelists. Oh yes, and I seem to have gone completely insane at some point ...

Ducks, Panels, and Friends ... )
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I know that most people post their weekend update fairly soon after the weekend, but when have I never been conventional? I guess this is kind of a summary of the last half of May. I've had part of it written for a while and just haven't been able to finish it. I've been a bit tired lately and when you almost fall asleep at the keyboard, most of the posts look something like the cat might write. Oh, I'll also blame the cat. Bella's been an Official "Neglected Kitty" lately and has been in need of cuddling. This is often when I'm sitting at my desk and having a cat flopped in front of your keyboard and pinning one arm to the desk is not particularly conducive to typing.

Anyway, there was a month of May ... )
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For those that didn't already know exactly how disgustingly cute we really are I'd like to share the fact that bookwurm and I usually write "sandwich notes" on each other's lunch. I had to share today's note ...

Ferret says "Chirrr"
Kitsune says "Mew"
Dragon-Bear says "Grumph"
Rabbit just grins
Dragon says "Growlf!"
Dog's pack says "Tickle tee-hee."

(Reference: I Had A Shoggoth by Tom Smith.)
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Where to even begin?

I went to visit [ profile] isolde_deely over a nice long weekend -- leaving Friday morning and returning Monday evening. The plan was ... well, the plan was to not really have a plan. Neither of us had any expectations going in; I was going to visit a friend and that was it. Certainly we discussed the normal "safety" issues just in case, but we didn't plan anything more than "let's see where things go and take it from there." And as it turned out, things went really well.

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Road trip!

Apr. 4th, 2008 07:49 am
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I'm off to Kentucky. Back on Monday!

(Assuming Bella lets me get up from my desk, that is.)
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I have a hotel reservation for my April trip. Let's hear it for whirlpool suites!
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Valentine's day isn't an obligation to me, it's an excuse. I've certainly had years where I couldn't afford to do much of anything with my sweeties and a card was pretty much it for anyone. I'm happy that I was able to do more this year and I hope that everyone was happy with my gifts of affection. [ profile] bookwurm and I went out to a very nice Japanese restaurant (Yuri of Japan ... I can't find a website, oddly enough) and had a great time. I can see an outing of various people there sometime in the future!

Tomorrow: We're both off of work so we get to sleep late! Yay!

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