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I'm doing my homework for my CS240 - Software Development Lifecycle class. The unit is essentially project management lite, including topics such as risk management. I stick by my answers, but I may be bringing a bit too much real world experience into this!

(Game2D is a case study example we've been using in the book. It's an extremely simple two-player game.)


Names sources of human risk for Game2D.

Development Team

  • Productivity—team members may spend too much time playing “City of Heroes” instead of coding the project modules.

  • Experience—the vast complexity of Game2D may simply overwhelm the poor young developers.

  • Dedication—the development team may decide they’re wasting their coding talents on this game and go off to form their own software company.

End Users

  • Technical knowledge—the overwhelmingly complex game play may cause some users to disconnect their computers completely and take refuge in their basement bunkers.

  • Support for project—conversely, the potential users may just not care one whit for the game and it may languish unplayed until “Bob’s Farmville Clone” needs more server space.

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I've been working in IT for about 17 years now, not counting 3 years in the USAF as a "Communications Computer Systems Operator." Despite this, I've never earned my degree. When I had stable employment (or even "enough" employment) it didn't seem that important. Now the economy is really crappy and while I'm starting to see more jobs listed, employers seem to be much less willing to take risks on someone who says they can do a job. I might have lots of experience in some specific areas, but I have nothing to prove to potential employers that I can program in C+ or rebuild a computer, for example. In some ways I've worked myself into a niche market and I really need a way to expand beyond that.

So I investigated ITT Technical Institute, specifically the Milwaukee (aka Greenfield) campus. The short version is that I liked the school and I think it's a good fit. My orientation is next week (09-JUN-10) where I'll get my class schedule, books, and all that. I'll admit it's a little daunting. First there's the numbers that were being thrown around during my financial aid meeting today. There's a part of me that's really somewhat horrified to realize how much I'm committing to pay back ... even if the interest rates are pretty good and won't start coming due until six months after I graduate. There's another part that's equally horrified about the fact that the Software Application Development Bachelor's Degree is a 15 quarter program. I turn 40 next week. That means even with a typical class schedule of a full-time student, I'll be over 44 when I graduate. That's a sobering thought, but there is the cliché that suggests if I don't do it I'll still be 44 ... and still lacking a degree.

This is also going to make coordinating visits from sweeties and other events interesting. I've requested evening classes and with their IT program that is almost assured. The financial aid covers the classes and some living expenses, but I'll still need to get at least a part time job. (Luckily they have placement services which should be able to help there.) That'll also cut into my time and scheduling.

Um. That's everything for now, I guess. I'm quite sure I'll post more about it as time goes on, but for now I'll list myself as hopeful ... if a wee bit overwhelmed.

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