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OK, so this will only really make sense to four to six people, depending upon who was sitting at the table with me when I was babbling about the music: the song was "Midnight Stroll" by the Revels. It just came up in my MP3 player, set for Halloween selections.

So there you go.
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I'm somewhat reluctantly starting to put things up on CafePress, Etsy, deviantART and other 'creative' outlets yet to be determined. The question that comes to my mind now is how do I spread the word about these things without being obnoxious about it? I've submitted one CafePress store where I have products available to various free search engines. I've edited several of my online profiles to show my various stores and outlets, but ... well, I feel kind of dirty doing it. I know it needs to be done if I'm actually ever going to make sales -- the web is a big place and people aren't just going to flock to me if they don't know about what I'm offering, but I still feel a bit self-consious about promoting myself.

Throwing a question to everyone out there: how do you promote yourself in these areas without being pushy? I'm asking this particularly of those who've done it, but I'm open to ideas from anyone. Of course I'll ask you to spread my links to anyone you know that might be interested (and ask them to please do the same), but I'm reminded entirely too much of high school when we were selling magazines or candy or whatever the heck it was. (Only I suspect there's less chance of my being bitten by a dog this time.)

Yes I'm still looking for computer / database work, but I'm not getting many hits on that right now. This is something I've been wanting to play with for sometime anyway and it's a better way to fill the time between potential interviews with something other that sitting on my butt playing "Titan Quest."

I guess I'll start here just in case anyone wants to check things out and spread my links to anyone who might like what I have!

My current CafePress stores:

CafePress: Random Bi Design
CafePress: Technological Pagans
CafePress: Poly Wanna T-shirt (Currently lacks products)

My deviantART

My Etsy

I'm also open to suggestions for new designs and for commissions of items similar to the ones already on Etsy. (I'm not good at 'draw this' so traditional art commissions are out for me.)
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I have a difficult time with the concept of favorites. It's not really that I can't understand what a favorite is or that someone might have a preference, it's just that I don't really have a single favorite anything in the catagories where people usually have such and I'm really can't properly grasp the idea.

This leaves me with difficulty when I'm trying to answer common questions like ...

The question to everyone's answer ... )
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I recently ran across a reference to programming as a sedate and quiet activity. Sedate, I'll grant them ... unless it's full body contact programming!

The text was actually in a GURPS rulebook. It was in a section on a skill (Autohypnosis) that allows a character to put themselves in a bit of a trance that grants them a bonus to a mental activity at the cost of a penalty to other skills (or to even notice distractions.) Fine and dandy, heck I'd even consider it a fairly realistic skill! Then there's this bit of text ..." This must be a relatively sedate one, done in a quiet place (library, lab, monastery, or placid wilderness)."

And now for a short musical interlude ... )
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So there was this meme that I participated in the other day. [ profile] merseine0613 and [ profile] cmerun12 (possibly others) posted their answers I though that was a good idea.

What's behind Cut Number Three? )
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Blame a variety of friends for this ... that and I'm avoiding work right now, although I really should be figuring out a better data storage option for a current application. I'm not taking any of these questions seriously, by the way ...


Seriously... It's all about ME.

Okay, this one is different - this is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME. Be honest.
They're really SCARY to get back. It only takes a few minutes, so just do it!
Feel free to copy/paste into your own LJ and see what people know about you!

Where did we meet:

Take a stab at my middle name:

Do I smoke:

Color of my eyes:

Do I have any siblings:

What's one of my favorite things to do:

What's my favorite type of music:

Am I shy or outgoing:

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:

Any special talents:

How many children do I have:

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring:
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Over a year ago I signed up for the "Chase Leisure Rewards" program with my bank card. At the time I wasn't making or spending that much but I figured what the heck it'll probably pay for itself with the occassional Amazon gift card or something, right? Anyway, I pretty much forgot about the thing and haven't been paying attention to my point balance.

Then last July I got a better job, we moved, and I've put most of the repeating bills plus weekly groceries and other regular expenses on the card. I had gotten into the habit of not paying any attention to the point balance because I didn't really have much there ... so imagine my surprise when I logged into the site today and saw my total:

Current Points: 84664

Wow. Now we're talking some serious reward territory. (Or I could wait a month or so and see what things look like in the 100K+ range! Bwahahahahaaa!)
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Or at least pictures returned using my listed interests in LiveJournal. Not all of them are actually of the interest I had in mind, but it still makes a unique collage.

Below the cut because I care ... My Interests Collage! )

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