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I generally don't pay much attention to commercials, but sometimes one catches my eye. This may be because it's particularly good, or because it's particularly stupid. Guess which one this is about!

Picture a series of cars failing to start ... driver after driver trying the car's ignition and it's just not working. Then a voice solemnly intones: "Nothing's worse than a dead battery." The commercial then goes on to hawk the miracle of their particular brand of battery, which apparently never goes dead until it does. (Yes, all batteries go dead eventually. The newer car batteries actually have a minor flaw in that they'll happily operate on five out of six cells until they go completely dead without warning.)

Seriously? Nothing is worse? It must really be nice to have such a limited imagination. Frankly, I can imagine a lot worse things to go wrong ... heck, I don't even have to leave the general topic of 'car problems' to come up with much worse. Ah well, some people have much easier lives, I guess.
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Apparently insurance companies are really in dire need of insurance salespeople or something. After spending a good deal of time updating my various profiles on several job sites I've gotten at least five generic emails regarding such a position ... not an actual job offer, you understand, but simply an email telling me about the wonderful opportunities that await me if only I'd come join their company. This, despite more than 18 years of IT experience and nothing indicating that I am in anyway experienced or interested in insurance sales. The worst part is that I'd at least consider it as a stop-gap alternative if there was even a hint that the people sending me these offers had read my resume past the email address field. As it stands, these 'offers' have 'SCAM' written all over them in large glowing letters.
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Tonight on the way home, Fran and I stopped to fill her car with gas. As we were standing there filling up the tank, a car pulls in behind us. The driver not only leaves the vehicle running, but stands there happily smoking a cigarette while he starts to fill his own car. We were very happy to finish up with our own fill-up and get the Hell out of there as quickly as we possibly could. It's not that I object to Darwinism in action, I just prefer to not be within range when it happens.
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The roads this morning are probably the best they've been in the last two weeks. So why were people being so monumentally stupid this morning? When I left the house, my GPS listed an ETA of 08:02 ... now I know there's no way that's going to happen, but usually that means I'll get here by at least 08:15.

Then I hit line after line of cars at a dead stop for ... well, no particular reason that I could see. I saw no accidents, the roads were clear of snow or ice, there didn't seem to be any snipers, nor demons pulling people from their cars. There were no zombies attacking commuters, but that's probably because they would have obtained no substinance from the brains of most of these drivers.

By the time I hit Round Lake, the ETA was reading 08:23. Of course, that might have held up if there were no more drivers sitting around staring into space or picking their noses or whatever they were doing other than frickin' driving! Ahem. Sorry.

Final result: 08:41. (That's an hour and twenty minutes ... not the absolute worse commute time I've had here, but really frustrating for a "normal day" commute.)
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So I cashed in those reward points for two $100 Amazon gift certificates ... which apprently they're going to mail to me. They informed me of this via email.

Am I the only one that sees the stupidity in this?

OK, I shouldn't complain about getting a heck of a good shopping spree on Amazon, but really people. Get with the 20th century! (And maybe one day join the rest of us in the 21st.)

NOTE: Yeah, the previous version of this post was an accident. I intended to cancel it out and start again from home, but it looks like I didn't do that so I'll just post it now. Oops.
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I am working on a project to convert the prior programmer's horrible Excel "database" spaghetti code application into something that can actually be updated and maintained. Of course the end users, being accountants, want both the results and the interface to remain in an Excel workbook. Yeah, yeah, I can do that ...

Warning: Geeky programming stuff ahead!

Enter the Stupidity For A New Age ... )

... and then I shot 'em.

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