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I'm investigating alternatives to cable television.

I've already re-activated my NetFlix account (on a free trial for the next month) and I'm pretty happy with what I'm finding there in the streaming video selections. Unfortunately, it's not everything I want to see -- for one thing, I'm not really seeing current seasons of shows in the streaming offerings.

Enter Hulu - Plus. I see it *does* offer many of the current season shows for which I'm looking, so that's a bonus. There are still a few things missing, but nothing that I can't wait until it's offered on DVD (and thus available on NetFlix.) I've only used Hulu a little bit, and even then only the basic model. I'd love to hear from anyone who's used it to any great extent.

My prime motivation is simple economics. Our current cable package just went up to $139.04 per month. Dumping the cable television portion drops that back down to $46.43. NetFlix and Hulu Plus each run about $8. If we add in the DVD option to NetFlix to cover the missing few items, that's another $8. Total: ~ $70. Heck, for that price difference, I might even be convinced to upgrade my cable speed!

Still, I'm looking for feedback on this. Has anyone had experience with these options? The only thing I watch semi-regularly that I know I'd be missing would be Countdown with Keith Olberman, but I know that there are other shows that come up at random that I'd likely miss.
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I usually skip commercials, thanks to the wonders of the DVR, but sometimes I still see one ... or at least part of one before I manage to hit 'pause' on the remote. Today I saw the start of a commercial for Walmart(*) in which the happy homemaker was gushing over how she loves cooking Thanksgiving dinner, etc. and how thanks to Walmart, she can feed her family for some insanely low amount of money.

Huh. Really? I didn't know they made(**) turkeys in China.

(* - To my friend that works for said company, yes, I'm glad that you are employed. I still hate Walmart.)

(** - Note: made as in manufactured. I'm pretty sure they raise them there.)
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This is a English language version of a French commercial for Orangina. There's really not much else I can say except 'Wow.' I know it'll never air here in the US. Although it would be fun to watch certain people's heads explode as they watched it! (Borderline safe for work: No nudity exactly, but animated implied sexuality abounds.)
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During dinner this evening I was watching a recorded show from the DVR. When it finished, I started to shut down the television and cable box. As I did this, the program information display showed me that BBCA was showing a program entitled Im A Boy Anorexic, but it was in commercials at the time. The commercial playing was for diet products. Doh.

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