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Hey, I said I'd post about this, didn't I? I got home on Saturday; how did it get to be Thursday Friday the next week already? It's also apparent that Spring has finally kicked in, but I'm sure not complaining about that.

As I said, [ profile] tarrestrial and I took a trip to New Orleans with some of her family. As we rode in the back of her Dad's SUV across the approximately 922 miles between her house and the Quarter House (the resort where we stayed) it really struck me that we need teleporters, a fact I've mentioned elsewhere in my LJ, I'm sure. That and the fact that I really don't feel welcomed in either Mississippi nor most of Missouri and would just as soon not spend any money or time there as a result.

After 16 hours in the car, not counting rest stops, food, or the overnight in a hotel, we arrived in New Orleans!

Contains: Work Safe Pictures )
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OK, I'm back home from New Orleans! I had a great time, which I'll post about in more detail later. Right now: did I miss anything important? Assume that I haven't read LJ for most of a week because I haven't.
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I should really try harder to write this things sooner after the events! Anyway ...

In mid-October, I visited with my lovely sweetie, [ profile] isolde_deely for about a week. The short version is driving, food, visiting, gaming, camping, and more driving.

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I'm on the way home after visiting [ profile] isolde_deely for a week. (Details to follow.) Currently I'm stopped for lunch at a truck stop in Seymour, Indiana. The internet connection here sucks!

Time to get on the road again. At least I've got a lot of cool podcasts to which I can listen!
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I know that most people post their weekend update fairly soon after the weekend, but when have I never been conventional? I guess this is kind of a summary of the last half of May. I've had part of it written for a while and just haven't been able to finish it. I've been a bit tired lately and when you almost fall asleep at the keyboard, most of the posts look something like the cat might write. Oh, I'll also blame the cat. Bella's been an Official "Neglected Kitty" lately and has been in need of cuddling. This is often when I'm sitting at my desk and having a cat flopped in front of your keyboard and pinning one arm to the desk is not particularly conducive to typing.

Anyway, there was a month of May ... )

Road trip!

Apr. 4th, 2008 07:49 am
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I'm off to Kentucky. Back on Monday!

(Assuming Bella lets me get up from my desk, that is.)
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I have a hotel reservation for my April trip. Let's hear it for whirlpool suites!

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