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It seems that most people are posting about the snow today, so why not? No surprise, but school was closed last night and today. Considering we've still got four foot drifts of snow taking up most of our driveway, I guess it's for the best. I tried to dig us out earlier. I managed a length of about three feet along the width of the garage before I realized this was officially a Bad Idea and that I should just surrender and go along with [ profile] bookwurm on calling for someone with a plow. Given that there was about 27 feet of driveway left and I had already driven my blood sugar level into the ground I think it was the right choice. We're waiting for the plow now, actually.

I've uploaded some of the snow pictures to a Photobucket album.
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I was home for about five whole minutes when the local "tornado alarm" went off. For those that have been to our home from the South on Route 45, that's the one that's in the field next to the bar near the turn for 196th ... so it's much less than a 1/4 mile away and it's very loud. I was just changing out of my work clothes so I was down to my pants and dress shoes. I very quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed a sweat-shirt (which I never actually got around to putting on) and donned my boots. Then I spent the next hour alternately watching TMJ4 to find out exactly how close the tornado touched down (seriously ... and it turned out to be tornadoes in a few different spots) and going outside to listen or scan the skies and check the condition of our cellar. (Mostly dry; I squeegied the small puddle of water into the hole with the sump pump and watched it drain away.) Somewhere in there I threatened to stuff the cats into carriers if the siren went off again and hadn't quite made up my mind if we were going to the cellar or the small closet under the stairs.

Luckily it didn't have to be either one, but it sure was an exciting hour, wasn't it kids? Then [ profile] bookwurm came home and I calmed down a lot. I guess a lot of it was I didn't know where she was out in this mess. (Hey, what can I say? Dogs worry!)

From a TMJ4 newscaster talking to a rep from WE Energies: "Brian, can you go over some safety guidlines ... if people are out and about and happen to see downed power lines, what do they need to do?" My first thought: "Leave the f*cking things alone, you moron!" Luckily for the viewing public, the rep had a calmer head about such things, but possibly my reply would have gotten through better.
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It's the 6th of January, right? I still live in Wisconsin? So why it is that I spent just over an hour this afternoon outside down to my t-shirt and jeans (no long underwear)? I actually got some of the things accomplished in the garage that I've been meaning to do since we moved in back in September, including bring in a medium sized pile of wood to begin drying off for when it turns cold again. (OK, that's only been on my list since we started using the fireplace in December, but I got it done by Gods!) I stopped working when I injured myself with a knife while opening a block of suet. Oops. I tell you there's nothing that'll get [ profile] bookwurm downstairs faster than "Hey sweetie, can you bring the bandaids and some Neosporin, please?"

Of course I'll admit that I've gotten a little acclimated to our usual sub-freezing temperatures here, but while I'm wandering around outside in a t-shirt I can't help but wondering about the guys out on the lake ice fishing in this weather ...

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