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We've been sharing some variation of the current flu bug around a bit. Last weekend Tara and I had planned some time out for our anniversary, but she came down sick on Saturday. We basically ended up just hanging out together at the hotel for the rest of Saturday, relaxing a bit and watching a few episodes of Twin Peaks. When I got home on Sunday, I managed to get into the house and "woof" weakly up at Fran before I had to make a dash to the bathroom.

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Really, this can go away now. I've been up for about three hours and I'm already worn out. My fever hasn't been that bad -- no more than 100.8 that I've seen, but it is still leaving me bouncing between too hot and too cold.

Gah. I'm going back to bed for a while. At least the cats are happy with all the nap time.
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I have no idea what made me think of this, but it's too weird not to share.

Bob would usually wait until the last minute to go out looking for holiday gifts ... quite literally. He'd often end up searching along the highway for things to give his family on the theory that he had once found a hat that wasn't too badly damaged. This caused his family no small amount of concern, not only out of concern for Bob, but also out of the strain of trying to look happy having received a gift of a semi-smashed beer can or half a raccoon.

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