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Please take this away from me. I'm cleaning my office and trying to get rid of some stuff which I'm never going to use again. Among these things are a collection of VHS tapes that I'd really rather go somewhere that's not just the trash can.

  • X-Men (The first movie)

  • Red Dwarf Series I (Two Tapes)

  • Red Dwarf Series II (Two Tapes)

  • Red Dwarf III "byte two" (The second half of Series III)

  • Fantasia

Respond here or by email, but if I don't get claims on them by next Saturday, they're most likely going away.
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OK, so it's not really that spectacular. I'm trying to get rid of some of the clutter taking up space in my office. I've got three component stereo pieces and a Yamaha keyboard that need new homes.

Keyboard: Yamaha PortaSound Voice Bank - PSS-270. No AC adapter, but I suspect it won't be hard to find one. This is somewhere around 20 years old but it worked fine the last time I tested it. (I either used batteries or had an AC adapter available.)

Component pieces: Pioneer Dual-Cassette deck (CT-W900R), Pioneer Stereo Surround Amplifier (VSA-910), and a Technics analog AM/FM Radio Receiver (ST-7600). The receiver and cassette player worked perfectly the last time I used them, but the amplifier does need a touch of fixing. After it warms up, adjusting the volume causes the sound to either cut out completely or jump to maximum volume.

Cost for any or all of these: Free, but you have to pick them up. However don't blame me when your partner starts yelling at you for bringing another electronic box into the house / garage / barn / covered wagon.
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OK, technically this was back in September. I finally managed to get a BOC during a Woot-Off. I promised that I would post about it when I got it and ... well, I never did.

So What Did I Get? )

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