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I currently have two invitations for Glitch. I've already sent out invites to my two sweeties - even if one has yet to join - who I think most likely to get into this odd little world. (Fran says she'll pass no matter how much I try to entice her with massaging butterflies or squeezing chickens.) Would anyone like an invite?

(Honestly I'll probably get more later and it won't stay in Beta forever. From what I'm reading, they actually reverted to Beta after they opened up to the public!)
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I've been trying out DC Universe Online for the past week. I've been having a lot of fun with the heroes, but decided to play a villain. (I even sprung for the points to buy the 'light power' set so I could be a member of the Sinestro Corp -- the major foes of the Green Lanterns.) I think my normal day to day operation is probably much closer to the hero side; help people out when I can, don't cause problems without a reason, etc., but there's something very amusing about playing a bad guy, especially when I'm playing as an alien with a bent for chaos.

I've been purposefully taking time out of my missions to cause traffic accidents. This has absolutely no in-game benefit, but I've gotten to where I know how to cascade about eight cars into a huge string of crashes, fires, explosions, and even running over pedestrians. (Although the cars do not actually harm the peds, even when said car explodes while it's intersecting them.)

Some of the missions are the same ones as the ones you come across when you're a hero, but with different stated goals. (Save the things that those invaders are stealing, but as resources for Lex Luthor instead of as medical supplies, etc.) I had a particular laugh, and an acknowledgment to myself that I do role play even these kinds of games with one of these missions. I was supposed to be 'rescuing' people trapped by Braniac's robot invaders - the goal as a hero was to save the people, the goal as a villain is to save the 'Exobites' - a game world concept / resource that happened to be in the people. The people are trapped in an orange force-bubble; you pick them up and transport them to the rescue spot. I'd just picked up one when I was attacked by a robot. When this happened as a hero, I immediately rushed the person to safety, thinking to keep them out of harm's way. As a villain, I instead turned and threw the force-field encased human at the attacking robot, resulting in a robot almost completely destroyed and the bubble person bouncing away like a super-ball (no pun intended.)

You can guess what I spent the rest of the fight there doing, although I did rescue my quota!
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I've had a Steam account for some time now. I'm sure you can guess my user name. (Or you could just click the link, I suppose.) I first signed up last year to take advantage of the free Portal offer, now long defunct, of course. For several months, I downloaded the occasional free game or demo, so I was unable to add friends directly and didn't really bother. About two months ago, I sprang for the $10 offer on Plants vs. Zombies. A month later, I handed over another $10 for Bejeweled Twist. These purchases make me a paid member, so I can add friends now. If anyone else is on Steam, please feel free to add me, although I rarely play competitive games.

Today, I bought another game. I dug deep and coughed up $1.75 for Tropico Reloaded. Oooo! Maybe I'll go as high as $12 for my next game.
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... or at least the webcomics. Apparently I provided an idea for a comic.

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[ profile] isolde_deely asked me yesterday if I'm playing any new online games lately. This reminded me that I've been meaning to mention two new ones and update my COH information here.

I really don't need to promote City of Heroes. Either you already know about it and play or you're probably not interested in it. (Or you've moved over to the new Champions Online game.) I'm paying for my City gaming one month at a time: no automatic renewal for me this time! This way if I don't have enough time to play during a given month, I don't feel like I'm wasting my subscription fee. I'm on the Pinnacle server and have the global name of (you guessed it) awfulhorrid.

Two new time sinks game sites that have been taking my time lately ...

I've seen Star Pirates advertised on several of the comic sites I read, including Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary. It's a text based browser game about ... well, Pirates in Space. Realism? Um. I mentioned Pirates in Space, right? There's trading, raiding, and lots of searching through debris. It's about as far from a twitch game as you can get. I'll bet you can guess my name there too!

The second game site collects several flash based games into one easy to find location: MochiGames. I've been absorbed with Bloons Tower Defense 4, a very silly 'tower defense' game involving monkeys, balloons, and lots of sharp, flaming, or exploding objects. Here's my profile, although I notice it's not really updated in real time.

These last two are free to play, but you can throw money at the site and get various benefits in return. I think I like this system. The players who can afford to give them money aren't getting such a huge benefit that they dominate the game, but they do get some incentive to 'tip' the developers.

OK, play time is over ... time for me to get back to work. (Er ... at least working on this project so I can finish it and get paid, anyway!)
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At least this weekend, I'll be playing on Pinnacle. That seems to be where my most played characters live at least. My universal chat handle is (surprise) "Awfulhorrid" so feel free to ping me. I might even be able to figure out how to respond!

I spent some time today poking around and seeing what characters I have scattered around. I could remember my main character of Guye Fawkes, of course, but I'd forgotten some of the others: Tanstaafl (android or battlesuit? No one knows for sure), Nail Hazard the Spike-throwing scrapper, and several characters off on one server that I won't ever log in again, but I just can't bring myself to delete. (BondageBoy, The Magic Fluffer, and Rawhide Chew ...)

I played with the new costume options with several of my characters. I may as well, they each have 15 - 30 free costume redesigns! I really like some of the options, particularly the ability to tune the colors of at least some of the powers. I had to scrap all of my keybindings since I couldn't remember how to use ... well, much of anything. My highest level character, Guye Fawkes, just has too many powers available for me to remember how to use them all right now. I'm starting small: I have a low level hero, Small Big Bob and a low level villain, Baneful von Baneful. I'll play each of these guys for a while until I remember more about just what the heck I'm doing!
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I let my City of Heroes account expire several years ago -- quite a while before I moved from Kenosha to Bristol, actually. Of course I'm still on the email list to get notices of updates and special offers and the like. Sometimes you get notices like the current one where they're having a "Play During the Free Reactivation Weekend" offer ... which means for a few days I can play for free, return to the game, see the changes, etc. Heck, it's free so it's not a bad deal even if I only play for a few hours, right?

Of course there's the little matter of reactivating my account. First of all, what was the name of the account again? I made a guess at it and tried the 'reset password' option, but kept getting an error. Eventually I started an email conversation with tech support where I had to provide everything but a blood sample to verify my identity. There were quite a few items of information that I no longer have access to due to changes in my life or the fact that I don't have archives of five year old email. Honestly, I've had less trouble convincing my bank of my identity and right to access an account! In the end it turns out that one of the key pieces of identity -- my date of birth -- was wrong in their system. Really, I promise you that I've only got the one date of birth and it hasn't changed in the last five years. How many other bits of identity do you need? Luckily I convinced the support dude that I really am the original owner of the account and he issued a password reset so I was able to login and update the information.

Friday I get to see if I can actually access the game itself. I remember the last time I tried it out I couldn't remember half of how the powers worked, so I think I'll just start a new character to play around a bit. I seriously doubt that I'll reactivate my account (can't really afford it right now, for one thing), but this is particularly good timing since [ profile] bookwurm and I are planning this as a 'recovery' weekend. Yay for mindless comic violence!
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So a few nights ago [ profile] tarrestrial suggested finding some online game we could play together and be able to chat, etc. I don't really have any MMORPGs installed right now and we'd have to get them set up on both computers and have accounts and all that jazz. This is possible, of course, but we wanted something immediately, not several days later. I thought about suggesting a MUD or MOO, but honestly I haven't been near one in years and don't know if I'm up to walking someone through setting up a MUD client or using Telnet unless I'm being paid for it! As I took a quick peek through my bookmarks not really seeing anything multiplayer, I remembered something I tried years ago ... Puzzle Pirates.

Hmm. Pirates. Puzzles. Yeah, that just might do the trick ...!

Puzzle Pirates Anyway, I've been poking around there a bit and doing some of the puzzles. You can certainly play for free and even get to play most of the games, just not all the time. (Some of them are free on some days.) If you sign up via this link, you get some in-game money (Pieces of Eight) for yourself and I get a referral bonus. (No, you don't have to be a paying member for this bounty!) When you sign up, look for the part on your account settings where you can pick your ocean -- I'm playing in the Midnight Ocean under the name "Woofus."
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According to the weather station in our hallway, it was -3.7 F degrees outside when we got up this morning. Yay for Wisconsin.

You know, taking the day as a whole, I'm cold, tired, a little out of it, and I could really use a cup of my coffee instead of this weak, mild flavored water they have here!* Really, I'd rather be home playing Hellgate: London right now. Then at least I could set zombies on fire to stay warm!

OK, perhaps that wouldn't work, but it would still be fun.

(* - Honesty the coffee they have here isn't bad, it's just not anywhere near as good as the coffee I have at home and I have to pay more for it.)
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Friedrich Nietzsche said "Beggars should be abolished entirely! Verily, it is annoying to give to them and it is annoying not to give to them." Obviously Nietzsche never played World of Warcraft!

In the real world, I can think of many reasons why a person might not be able to earn money, get a job, etc., but in an online game, everyone really does have the opportunity to make money, get ahead in the world, and all that kind of thing. You may not doing it all as quickly as you'd like, but even the worse player can eventually earn those gold pieces for which they're begging. In the real world, "Get a job you bum," may be considered callous (although sometimes appropriate), but your WoW character isn't going to starve and certainly doesn't have children to feed: go out and earn your gold like everyone else.

Or to put it another way: Why would I pay $15 a month so I can give you (a random stranger) the gold / equipment / quest answers / the time of day?

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