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This is an expansion on a post I made in my Google+ account. This post includes links to all site listed in my original post, but another one I'm considering.

I'm searching for a better online MP3 purchase experience. Amazon has been rubbing me the wrong way with their restriction on downloads for sometime now (short version: install their download manager or be forced to download your tracks one at a time), but now they've set it up such that all of your purchases go to your 'cloud player.' This means you not only have to download one song at a time if you don't want to install their software, but you have to say each and every time that you don't want to install their software.

Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks.

I've already been trying to purchase directly from the artists when possible, or from other sources if not, but I guess I'm going to need more sources. I'm already using CDBaby and sometimes BandCamp, but what other sites out there do people use? (Please note that I wish to own my music, so while sites like Rhapsody are interesting, they don't really meet my needs. Also: no &$#*ing iTunes.)

Added: I'm also considering using eMusic. There's a monthly membership fee, but your fee grants you equal credit for purchases from their collection. (The trick, of course, is that the fee does not roll over. If you forget to buy anything for a month, you've lost that credit.) The prices seem pretty decent and they've got a lot of music I like, and the fee structure isn't bad. At an average cost of $6 per album, the $12 basic membership gives me two new albums a month ... which currently costs me around $20. Still, I'm wary for problems: If anyone has any experience with them, I'd love to hear about it.
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I'm somewhat reluctantly starting to put things up on CafePress, Etsy, deviantART and other 'creative' outlets yet to be determined. The question that comes to my mind now is how do I spread the word about these things without being obnoxious about it? I've submitted one CafePress store where I have products available to various free search engines. I've edited several of my online profiles to show my various stores and outlets, but ... well, I feel kind of dirty doing it. I know it needs to be done if I'm actually ever going to make sales -- the web is a big place and people aren't just going to flock to me if they don't know about what I'm offering, but I still feel a bit self-consious about promoting myself.

Throwing a question to everyone out there: how do you promote yourself in these areas without being pushy? I'm asking this particularly of those who've done it, but I'm open to ideas from anyone. Of course I'll ask you to spread my links to anyone you know that might be interested (and ask them to please do the same), but I'm reminded entirely too much of high school when we were selling magazines or candy or whatever the heck it was. (Only I suspect there's less chance of my being bitten by a dog this time.)

Yes I'm still looking for computer / database work, but I'm not getting many hits on that right now. This is something I've been wanting to play with for sometime anyway and it's a better way to fill the time between potential interviews with something other that sitting on my butt playing "Titan Quest."

I guess I'll start here just in case anyone wants to check things out and spread my links to anyone who might like what I have!

My current CafePress stores:

CafePress: Random Bi Design
CafePress: Technological Pagans
CafePress: Poly Wanna T-shirt (Currently lacks products)

My deviantART

My Etsy

I'm also open to suggestions for new designs and for commissions of items similar to the ones already on Etsy. (I'm not good at 'draw this' so traditional art commissions are out for me.)
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Has waiting for the person ahead of you to finish their shopping transaction become passe? I've stopped the Walgreens near work twice in the last week and each time the person behind me starts her transaction before I am finished with mine. The cashier was still ringing me up when the next customer not only starts plopping her items down on the fairly small counter, but starts going on about the price on the nuts. Good Gods lady, I know you're in a hurry to get back to the sweet lingering death I can smell on you, but could you let me finish with my stuff first?

(Not really that irritated, it's just that it's happened twice this week at the same location. I don't exactly linger at the counter and it's starting to be really noticable.)
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I started to write this up a few weeks ago, but I've been a bit busy and realized I was complaining far too much about the hotel and things that are simply just inherent to Capricon itself and aren't likely to change ever. There were real problems, both with the hotel and the conventio programming. Other than that, let's have ...

The quick, quick version: I had a blast! While the convention itself wasn't that great, I loved visiting my friends, including those that were stuck in the dealer's room trying to turn a profit in this poor economy. (Oddly enough, leather collars and mutant stuffed animals seemed to make up the majority of my purchases this year.) For the first time in well ever, really, I went to the dance. I had a great time and intend to at least try to work that into my schedule for other conventions. (Thanks [ profile] ladypoetess)

One story that must be told, though ... )
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Thank you for your purchase.

Your order number xxxxxxxx for 3 Random Crap has been received by Woot on 9/24/2008
and your credit card has been charged $8.00.

Bwahahahaha! I've never successfully gotten through on a bag of carrots order before!
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I'm shopping for popover pans on Amazon. I found a perfect set for not a lot of money, so I'm going to order those. No problem so far. The set I'm ordering has 17 reviews, all five star. There's also a listing under the usual "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" section with what looks like an indentical pan with a review rating of 1. Of course I had to check this out ... they looked identical, so what's wrong with them?

Here is the one and only review for the other pan:

The pan did not work for me. It wound up costing me more in shipping to get and return the pan than the item itself cost, and those costs were non-refundable. I am not happy.

Wha ...? How, exactly, did it "not work" for you? Were the pans warpped? Were they a different metal than listed? Were they some sort of fourth-dimensional hyper-cube construction that leaked popover batter all over your spleen, perhaps?

I'm trying to not sound like too much of a curmudgeon or an elitist, even if I do know how many homes I own, but I'm almost to the point of regarding amature reviews as completely useless. "I couldn't get it to work." Well gee, have you considered that perhaps you're a complete moron? The GPSr really works better if you're smarter than the little plastic box.

I'm feeling the same way about comments on Youtube or even worse GoComics.Com. This is a "feature" that they started recently wherein subscribers can make comments about the comics and add to the tags. I've written them and told them I'd be happy to be a paid subscriber if they'd give me a way to turn this off. I have yet to hear back from them.

Mmmm ... popovers.
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Black 8" boots, no zippers. Size 13, possibly 13W. That doesn't sound very difficult, does it? I don't even need them to be oil resistant and steel toed this time, surely that should open the possibilities. K-Mart's bloody useless ... they had maybe three boots and/or shoes that were even my size and they were a hideous color. Sears was a bit better since at least they had some in my size ... ones that I actually liked, but wearing "Harley Davidson" boots in Wisconsin when you don't ride really doesn't seem like a good idea. But hey, Rogan's Shoes ... they make a point of the fact that they have Wolverine and other boots ... surely they'd have something, right?

Yeah, you'd think so, but apparently not. They had exactly two pairs of boots that fit the above description ... one of which is the brand and style where two zippers in a row have broken on me. ("Oh yeah, we've had a lot of returns on those ... lots of zipper problems.") and the other were marked as 13 Regular, but I could barely get my foot into them and couldn't lace them up.

Gah. I'll stop off at one of the other local shoe stores after PT on Tuesday. If that doesn't work, I'll have to see how well I can salvage the pair I have now. They're mostly gouged up a bit for some odd reason. You'd think I wore them to work in or something. (At least they're still comfortable.)

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